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Why No One Wants To Invest In Your Movie — Jeff Deverett

Film Courage: Is it a good idea for a filmmaker to pitch a distributor their idea before...

Filmmakers Are Afraid To Ask Distributors This Question – Jeff Deverett

Film Courage: “How much money do you think my movie can generate?” Is this a smart question...

7 Things You Should Know About A Film Distribution Deal - Jeff Deverett

Film Courage: How much time should a filmmaker put into distribution versus pre-production or production?

Why Filmmakers Get Ripped Off – Jeff Deverett

Film Courage: How many times do you see filmmakers make a film with zero attention to their...

A Distributor Told Me What Movie To Make Next – Geoff Ryan

Film Courage: Did your distributor Indie Rights give you the idea for a vampire movie or it’s...

How To Get A Movie On Netflix – Jeff Deverett

Jeff Deverett, Film Producer, Entrepreneur, Writer, Director: Here’s the big question, how does a new filmmaker even...

Every Filmmaker Should Know These Two Things About The Filmmaking Business – Jeff Deverett

Film Courage: Jeff, you say making a movie is like starting a business? Why make that comparison?

How Much Money Can A Filmmaker Make On Hulu? – Aaron Fradkin

Film Courage: Do you still make money on residuals off of your first feature film? 

This Platform Has Had The Biggest Impact On My Filmmaking Career – R.L. Scott

Film Courage: Which platform has had the biggest impact on your career? R.L. Scott,...
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