Reality Of Producing Horror Movies – Josephina Sykes [FULL INTERVIEW]

Film Courage: Josephina, you grew up in Romania? Josephina Sykes, Filmmaker: Yes.

Finishing The First Draft Of A Screenplay – Victoria Fratz

Film Courage: How long does it take you to finish the first draft of a screenplay?

Fears And Doubts That Hold Artists Back – Erica Wernick

Film Courage: Erica, I have a composite of someone I'd like you to coach.

How A Horror Short Film Got Two Million Views On YouTube – Victoria Fratz

Film Courage: How did your short film DIET go viral? Victoria Fratz, Actress/Producer/Writer:  I wish I...

Unlock Your Story And Pitch Your Screenplay In One Simple Sentence — Naomi Beaty...

Film Courage: Have you always loved writing?  Naomi Beaty, Writer, Screenwriting Teacher and Consultant: I...

Was It A Mistake To Move To Los Angeles? — Hanala Sagal

Film Courage: Why do you love being in front of the camera? Writer/Producer/Vlogger/Actress/Author Hanala...

You Can Make Money With Short Films - Victoria Fratz

Film Courage: You used to have a mixed view on short films? What was that view and how...

Writing Authentic Characters And Making Movies – Patricia Vidal Delgado [FULL INTERVIEW]

Film Courage: When you were growing up how many people around you had a passion for filmmaking?

Characters Are Harder To Write Than Plot – Victoria Fratz

Film Courage: Do you write out all of the key beats before starting your script?

Stop The Negative Voice And Write Great Stories — Barbara Seymour Giordano [FULL INTERVIEW]

Film Courage: What was your childhood dream? Barbara Seymour Giordano, Writer and Coach, StoryWorksLA: That’s...
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