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98 Percent Of An Artist’s Job Is Finding The Work – Brad Rushing

Film Courage: How would you handle it if you were working on a project with great people...

Screenwriters! Find A Day Job That Supports Your Writing – Zach Zerries

Film Courage: How did you learn story structure? Zach Zerries, Screenwriter/Author: I initially...

4 Reasons To Say No To A Hollywood Job – Brad Rushing

Film Courage: What factors into you saying yes to a project and what factors into you saying...

What Happens If You Don’t Believe Your Success Is Inevitable? – Erica Wernick

Film Courage: How do you train someone to believe that their success is inevitable?

Last Days Of Disney Hand Drawn Animation – Frank Dietz

Film Courage: You came out to Los Angeles armed with scripts and are you also auditioning at...

Making A Living As An Author Versus Screenwriter – Andrew Warren

Film Courage: Do you recommend aspiring screenwriters begin writing novels? Andrew Warren, Author: Yes...

Making Money As An Artist Is Complicated – Brad Rushing

Film Courage: As a freelancer, how have you determined how much to charge for your services?

Not Talented Enough To Be An Artist? – Erica Wernick

Film Courage: Would you ever tell anyone they are not talented enough to do something professionally?

Lessons From A 40-Year-Old Production Assistant – Marty Lang

Film Courage: You talked about ROOM 104 earlier (I think you wrote a spec script)? Now you...

How One Person Can Start A Production Company — Van Ditthavong

Film Courage: At what point in this journey did you begin your production company? Van...
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