A Writer Wouldn’t Expect This Note From A Producer – Markus Redmond

Film Courage: How does someone know which story they should write? Markus Redmond, Actor/Writer/Director/Producer: ...

A Producer Is Always Looking For Great Movie Ideas — Stanley M. Brooks

Film Courage: How active are you in pursuit for your next story on a daily basis?

Working With People Who Can’t Handle No — Rachel K. Ofori

Film Courage: Before we started with our interview we were talking about hiring people and people reacting...

Advice I Wished I Received — Dr. Ken Atchity

Film Courage: What do you wish someone had sat you down and said to you in the...

How To Hire A Film Crew And Plan A Production — Rachel K. Ofori

Film Courage: What's your process six months before a production, three months, two months, a week ?

$300,000 Wasn’t Enough To Make The Movie — Barney Cheng

Film Courage: Do you remember the first person or entity that gave you money or it came...

What Directors Should Know Before They Start Making A Movie – Jason Satterlund

Film Courage: What are the first few things you do when making a movie?

Should An Executive Producer Know More About Money Than Story? — Stanley M. Brooks

Film Courage: Shouldn’t an executive producer know more about money than they should about storytelling?

When Does A Producer Quit Their Day Job? — Rachel K. Ofori

Film Courage: When should a producer quit their job? Whatever their day job is (or night job)...

Producers Who Try To Scam Filmmakers by Dui Jarrod

Film Courage: Have you ever been tempted to compromise your values? Dui Jarrod, Writer/Director: I...
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