98 Percent Of An Artist’s Job Is Finding The Work – Brad Rushing

Film Courage: How would you handle it if you were working on a project with great people (magical, great chemistry) but they’re a little bit behind on paying you? 

Brad Rushing, Cinematographer: What do you mean by a little bit behind?

Film Courage: A couple of months?

Brad: That would probably be a long project. I’d hand it off to my agent. I’d tell my agent to deal with it and they have a legal team and I would keep doing…I mean I certainly wouldn’t confront any of my creative partners or probably even tell them about it. I might if I felt they would have influence with the production company but I wouldn’t threaten them. I wouldn’t be one of those guys like I’m going to walk off again. I’m committed to the work first and even if those bastards never paid me, I’d finish the job and never work with them again. But to me somebody else’s bad behavior is not a license for me to also have bad behavior. Again if somebody’s being unsafe, if somebody’s being jeopardized or harassed or harmed that would be different. I would certainly become…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


Brad Rushing began working with Roger Corman’s Concorde/New Horizons film studio which afforded him some of his first feature film opportunities as Director of Photography where he learned valuable skills. After a number of years concentrating on indie feature films Brad began to shoot high end music videos photographing award-winning, iconic clips for artists like Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie, Nelly and Eminem. Brad’s ground-breaking work on Moby’s “We Are All Made Of Stars” won an MTV Video Music Award “Moonman” for Best Cinematography in a Video, and many of the other music videos he shot have won awards such as VMAs, MVPAs and Grammys for Best Video. Brad also won a Canadian Society of Cinematographers Award for Best Cinematography in a Video for the Alsou video “Always On My Mind.” Brad’s most recent work is the feature film “A California Christmas” which filmed in Petaluma, CA in July 2020, one of the first film productions to start under stringent COVID-19 safety protocols. The film debuted on a major streaming platform for the 2020 holiday season and was number one on Netflix for a week. 









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