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How A Director Can Ruin A Movie Set – Brad Rushing

Film Courage: How do you know that the director is the real deal?

Illusion Of Success For An Artist – Brad Rushing

Film Courage: What does having A CALIFORNIA CHRISTMAS reaching number 1 mean to you?

Making Money As An Artist Is Complicated – Brad Rushing

Film Courage: As a freelancer, how have you determined how much to charge for your services?

When Is It Time For An Artist To Get An Agent? – Brad Rushing

Film Courage: When is it time for an artist to get an agent? Brad...

Artists Have To Believe In Possibilities That Do Not Exist – Brad Rushing

Film Courage: One of the quotes on your IMDB page is “Evolve, study your strategies versus results...

Hollywood Dilemma For Newbies – Brad Rushing

Film Courage: We had a comment on our Youtube channel which said "Everybody should be paid for...

Artists Don’t Have To Believe In Themselves To Have Success — Brad Rushing

Film Courage: How do you keep faith in yourself and in your craft during turbulent times?

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