Telling Stories Is Fun, Working In The Entertainment Business Is Not — Joe Wilson

Film Courage: ‘Telling stories has been fun for you, working in the entertainment industry, not so fun.’ I think that was a quote from you somewhere?

Joe Wilson, Writer/Director/Comedian/Photographer: Yes, I think at some point when you’re banging your head against the wall and trying, that is a career. That is what you do if you want to be successful, you keep writing and you keep banging your head against that wall until something goes. The thing that crossed my mind (because I had some friends die young) was that I was relatively young and was I going to die typing and not making anything?

I wrote three shorts because I just wanted to have something made. I’m typing and just want to see this happen. And then when I saw it happen I literally could not go to the screening because I was so angry at how bad everything was and so at some point I literally was like F this! Why am I doing this? This has been years and I have…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


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Vampire Mob is an original series with cast from Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos, The Simpsons, Parks & Recreation and Criminal Minds.

“Entertaining, funny, and well written, at its heart Vampire Mob is really a story about family and the challenges we all face as we try to get through this world. Even if it is a world populated with vampires and hit men.”


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