A Hollywood Career Is A String Of Temp Jobs by Joe Wilson

Film Courage: Joe, do you still believe there will be blue-collar storytellers? Or have they already arrived?

Joe Wilson, Writer/Director/Comedian/Photographer: I think they are already here. I think because everything that has gone on online there’s not…when there were less movies being made they were worth more money for everybody and there were also less jobs for everybody.

There’s never been more acting jobs in the history of everything than right now. There’s never been more writing jobs than right now. There’s never been more directing jobs than right now. There’s never been this much stuff made so I think there are a ton of opportunities in the industry because there is so much being made and when there is so much being made the mass is inherently blue-collar. It’s not white collar in that…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


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Vampire Mob is an original series with cast from Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos, The Simpsons, Parks & Recreation and Criminal Minds.

“Entertaining, funny, and well written, at its heart Vampire Mob is really a story about family and the challenges we all face as we try to get through this world. Even if it is a world populated with vampires and hit men.”

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