An Everyday Trick To Help Keep Actors Sharp by Chad Lindberg

Watch the video interview on Youtube here

An Everyday Trick To Help Keep Actors Sharp by Chad Lindberg


Film Courage:  When it comes to your acting career, is there anything that you do everyday no matter what?  Whether it’s look in the mirror and saying to yourself “I can do this!” Whether it’s having a cup of coffee?  Something you do everyday no matter what that helps toward the acting career, not just getting up and being human.

Chad Lindberg:  Helps toward the acting career? Well I think keeping sharp in your mind.  Like for instance, before I did this interview or before I do an audition, I will go to a magazine or a book and I will read out loud for like two pages and enunciate every word and push it out!  Because a lot of the time I was getting stuck in here [gestures to his throat] when I do an audition or working.  I read daily just to help pronounce words and I tell other actors it’s a great way before auditions to really get that enunciation.  It’s just a read…out loud for two or three pages and you will feel your mouth getting warmed up and then you’re ready to go and then you don’t have to worry about that because the fear would get in there or something like that.

You know, auditions are frightening. They are terrifying as an actor.  I mean…they are enjoyable, too (sometimes) when they go well.  But they’re terrifying!  Even still before an audition I will get…(Watch the video on Youtube here).



Watch the video interview on Youtube here



Chad Lindberg was born on November 1, 1976 in Mount Vernon, Washington, USA as Chad Tyler Lindberg. He is known for his work on The Fast and the Furious (2001), Supernatural (2005) and October Sky (1999).




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