How to Become an Actor – 18 Steps to Making the Dream a Reality

How to Become an Actor – 18 Steps to Making the Dream a Reality


How to Become an Actor – 18 Steps to Making the Dream a Reality


1. How Do I Know I Can Be An Actor

Wanting To Be An Actor 

Who Should Be An Actor?

What Is More Important For An Actor, Their Look Or Their Talent

Every Actor Has To Confront Their Age

An Actor Has To Know Their Type Before They Can Challenge It

Acting Is An Obsession

Does Every Person Have A Calling?

First Time An Actor Books A Role They Really Wanted

How Does An Actor Judge Their Own Performance?



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2. Tough Love

An Actor Has To Have A Fighter’s Mentality To Work In Hollywood

The Truth About Being An On Camera Actor

No Actor Escapes The Hollywood Machine

A Mistake I Made That I Hope Other Actors Don’t Make

What Beginning Actors Probably Don’t Want To Know About Hollywood

What Is The Path To An Entertainment Career

It’s Always The Lowest Moment Between Acting Jobs When I Book The Next One

An Actress Navigating Hollywood

Actors If You Want The Job, Don’t Stand By The Phone

“A Hollywood Friend”

Is Everyone In Hollywood Competitive?


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3. Moving To Los Angeles / New York

What I Wish I Knew Before Moving To Los Angeles (Lucas)

What An Actor Should Know Before Moving To Los Angeles

10 Things Foreign Actors Should Probably Know About Moving To Los Angeles

Starting An Acting Career In New York

Regional Actors Versus LA / NY Actors

Should An Actor Start Their Career In LA or NY?

What New York Actors Don’t Realize About Los Angeles

Mistakes New Actors Make In Los Angeles That Cost Them A Lot Of Money

How Should A New Actor Spend $50,000 Upon Moving To LA?

How I Knew I Was Ready To Move To Los Angeles For Acting


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4. Training

47 Acting Monologues

How to Decide On An Acting Teacher

Hardest Feeling For An Actor To Portray

Can Being 100% In The Present Moment Help An Actor Focus?

One Way For An Actor To Be Disciplined About Their Craft

Do Actors Need Acting Classes?


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5. Preparation

It’s An Actor’s Job To Understand A Character, Not Judge Them

When An Actor Has To Develop A Character Fast

Why Do Actors Like Playing Outsiders

If An Actor Can Remember Exactly How They Did It, It Probably Wasn’t Any Good

Learn Acting By Studying Your Favorite Actors

An Actor’s Analysis Of A Troubled Character

Difference Between Hollywood & French Acting Roles

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6. Auditioning

22 Actors Share Their Audition Stories

The Fast and The Furious Acting Audition

Pros and Cons Of A Skype Acting Audition

How Confident Should An Actor Be Walking Into An Audition?

99% Of Actors Are In The Audition Grind



The Hollywood Survival Guide For Actors reveals everything an actor needs to have a successful career in film and television by Kym Jackson – Check it out!



7. Booking Work

First Acting Job In Los Angeles And How It Almost Didn’t Happen

Reason Why I Keep Booking Acting Jobs

5 Things An Actor Should Do Every Day To Book Acting Work

How I Booked My First Paid Acting Job

Why Would A Good Actor Work For $100 A Day?

How I Booked The Role of Warren G In Straight Outta Compton

When An Actor Books Their First Television Show

An Actor Should Never Worry About Booking A Role

Any Role An Actor Books Is One They Were Meant To Play

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8. Advice / Tips / Wisdom

What Separates Great Acting Performances

9 Truths About The Movie Business

What Makes A Great Actor (Ted Kotcheff)

7 Reasons Why An Actor Should Love The Film Industry

This Mindset Will Help Actors Make It Through The Day To Day Grind

When Should An Artist Have A Plan B?

A Two Minute Acting Lesson For New Actors

Actors Should Be Selfless

Actors, Don’t Be An Industry Robot

Acting Advice To A Son Or Daughter

The Acting Advice That Took Me The Longest To Learn

Derek Luke’s Advice To Actors, “Empower Your Inner Self”

9. Preparing For A Role

Alexander Skarsgard on Preparing For An Acting Role

Playing A Character Outside An Actor’s Comfort Zone

Biggest Satisfaction From Making The Movie NORMAN

I Do Something Everyday To Get Better At Acting

Actor Michael Stuhlbarg On Psychologically Creating A Character

Ben Rosenfield & Taissa Farmiga on Acting and ‘6 Years’

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10. On Set

Great Actors Don’t Make The Scene About Them

5 Tips To Actors On Starring In Their First Feature Film

How Makeup Affects An Acting Performance

Are Actors Afraid Of Directors?

An Actor’s Personal Problems Will Manifest In Their Work

Long Emotional Scenes For An Actor

When An Actor Thinks On Screen, They Become A Real Person

Acting Is About Living In It, Not Trying To Be Good

Biggest Mistake Theater Actors Make On A Movie Set






11. Working With Directors

How A Director Can Get The Best Performance Out Of An Actor

12. Agent / Manager

Can An Acting Agent Be A Distraction?

Hiring and Firing An Acting Agent

13. Marketing

The Pressure An Actor Faces To Be On Social Media

How Much Money Should An Actor Spend On Tools Each Year?

I’ve Been Acting Forever, But I’ve Never Really Self-Promoted

Every Actor Must Decide Whether The Benefits Of Social Media Outweigh The Cons

Every Actor Need To Have An Online Presence

Actors With Fewer Followers Book Less Acting Work

Actors Need To Know Producers Are Looking At Their Social Media

14. The Business

Actor or Businessman?

Making A Living As An Actor In Los Angeles

Mistakes New Actors Make In Los Angeles That Cost Them A Lot Of Money

15. Breaking Into The Business

How I Broke Into Acting and Screenwriting In Hollywood

Starting An Acting Career In Los Angeles

After 6  Years In Acting Class, I Was Told To Get A Job

An Actor’s Life Changes The Moment They Book A Television Show

What It Takes For An Actor To Break Into Hollywood

Smartest Way To Build An Acting Career

It’s An Actor’s Responsibility To Find Their Next Acting Job

16. The Aftermath

The Day An Actor Becomes Famous

Aaron Paul & Annabelle Wallis On What It Takes To Be Successful In Hollywood

Why Would An Actor Turn Down A Major Role In A Blockbuster Movie?

There Is Only One Certainty About An Acting Career

Quest For Greatness Is Going To Be An Isolated Journey

Callan McAuliffe Reveals His Dream Acting Role & A Lot More

What Is The Perfect Acting Life?

When An Actor’s Name Is Not On The List

I’ll Never Be A Movie Star

Red Carpet Culture Is Not A Good Thing For An Actor

I’d Rather Die Pursuing Acting Than Do Anything Else

When An Actor Loses Their Soul In Los Angeles

17. Motivation

I’ve Seen A Lot Of Actors Who Work Their Tails Off Rise To The Top

The Most Successful Actors Do As Much Work Behind The Camera As In Front

The Acting Hustle Never Stops

Before You Quit on Your Acting Dream

18. Life Outside Of Acting

How A Job As A Taxi Driver Can Change An Acting Career

For Most Actors, Only Being An Actor Is Not Realistic

What Does An Actor Do When The Acting Work Dries Up?

Being A Musician Versus Being An Actor

Acting Isn’t A Career, It Is A Way Of Life

Advice to Actors on Pursuing an Acting Career





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