10 Truths About Being A Professional Actor In Hollywood by Chad Lindberg

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10 Truths About Being A Professional Actor In Hollywood by Chad Lindberg


1. Actors Have To Know They Are Good
2. Actors Will Be Criticized Over And Over Again
3. Actors Are Responsible For Their Career
4. Know There Will Not Always Be Acting Work
5. Be Careful Not To Tear Yourself Apart
6. Important To Have Interests Outside Of Acting And Follow Those Passions
7. Sometimes Outside Passions Lead To Acting Work
8. Listen To Your Intuition
9. When Acting Use Any Stimuli You Can Grab Onto
10. There Are Politics In Acting Just Like Anywhere Else





Film Courage:  Have you always been obsessive about your career?

Chad Lindberg:  Um…yes.  I think you need to be somewhat obsessive in a healthy way.  You have to have a healthy ego to be in this business.  You have to know you’re good in order to succeed in this business.  If you don’t believe that you’re good, then you’ve got to go do something else.  Because you are going to get hit, time and time again about how you look, you’re this, you’re that, you’re too old, etc.  You have to have a thick skin.

Actually I was Periscoping with someone in the car before this and I said that I was doing this interview.  And this guy goes “Hey, get me into the business!”  And I said “Get yourself into the business!”  [Laughs] Because it is hard work.  And he’s like “I want to be an actor.” and I said “Well, unless you are an actor and you are 110 percent into it, don’t do it because it’s tough.”

Again, I’ve had a long, beautiful resume but it is still hard even to this day.  I have a movie coming out next year but also I haven’t worked in almost a year.  So you have to be able to sustain yourself somehow through this business.  It’s tough so you have to be obsessive to a healthy degree.  You don’t want to be unhealthy (which is the other way around) and tearing yourself down because as actors I think we are our own worst enemy.  It’s much easier to be loving and inviting to somebody else.  But how are you to toward yourself?  And as actors, man…all of our emotions (watch the video here on Youtube).







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