Every Character You Write Needs A Horoscope – P.M. Lipscomb

P.M. Lipscomb, Filmmaker: It’s such an interesting tale, but I have to ask one quick question?

Film Courage: Sure.

P.M.: Is the audio going?

Film Courage: Why do you give your characters their birth date?

P.M.: Early on when a character births out its name, because at some point the name comes to me, it feels like they’ve declared it to some degree. That’s the notion I’m trying to feel in my gut when something is said. I’ll choose a random birth date out of the sky. I’ll look up all the facts, all the zodiac, all the horoscope stuff I can find about this particular day. My belief is the reason we read horoscopes and the zodiac and say that it’s similar to ourselves is because I think we are that zodiac sign in the womb and then elements of your childhood alters parts of that zodiac sign which gives you billions of different personalities. We all live different backgrounds and little tiny things start to shift even though we have all these similarities. I’ll look up a character’s birth chart and I’ll begin to decide Yeah, but this character was abused or this character went through this and so that would alter this and that would alter that and at some point the character will just start to come to life and I’ll forget about it. They’ll just find their footing hopefully and you’ll be able to follow that path.

Film Courage: In Clowning what were the two leads birthdays?

P.M.: Here’s how Clowning came about, it’s a little different. My best friend/producing partner Jonathan Gaietto told me that his girlfriend was pregnant. Paige is her name and they’re pregnant with their first baby. Immediately I know I want to make my friend a little film. I’m thinking maybe like a little documentary taking a documentary subject putting and into a narrative structure, maybe filming them while she’s pregnant. I have that in my head. I’m thinking about that as a movie. I go to bed and I have a dream. When you come to in the middle of a dream and you already know what’s been happening, I come to in the middle of this dream and I’m driving through the desert. I know in my head that there’s something in the back of the van that I had nothing to do with but everyone’s after me because of this thing so I start to feel that tension and that stress and as it begins to bubble I suddenly hear a…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Visions on set of CLOWNING with Nana Ghana (P.M. Lipscomb in reflection)
P.M. Lipscomb with Nancy Pushkar onset of Willa’s Peach


P.M. Lipscomb has passionately made awarding-winning movies since April 23, 2006. He has made three feature films and thirty-six shorts presented at a dozen film festivals across the country. He strives to make work as a means of escape for the audience from the everyday hardships. After receiving the Emerging Filmmaker Award in 2015 for his decade of work in film, he was hired as a documentarian in Toronto, Canada to follow Jacob Barnett. P.M. Lipscomb has also taught film editing at the Academy of Art in San Francisco for a year and learned from experimental filmmakers such as Nathaniel Dorsky. P.M’s first feature film, CLOWNING was released through Gravitas Ventures and is available across many platforms. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, P.M. Lipscomb has now moved to West Hollywood, where he is preparing his next feature film. It is in the genre of horror, and is called Bickle.  









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