Every Screenplay Starts With A Number – P.M. Lipscomb

P.M. Lipscomb, Filmmaker: I love his extreme close-ups where he’s on his eyeball and waking up into a little nosebleed and the movie is amazing.

Film Courage: When you begin writing a screenplay, I understand you start with a number?

P.M.: Say you already have the idea and at this point for me I believe in the incubation, some call it procrastination which procrastination does exist, but I do believe your mind, your psyche if you’re focusing on one specific tale, there’s a period of time that you’re writing a lot of notes down. Then eventually I’ll do a paradigm which for me is writing a line across the top of a piece of paper and then I always choose a random number. The number for Clowning and I put 34 notches at the top of the piece of paper and for me this paradigm is the only blank sheet of paper I’ll ever face and I’ll force myself to put a scene, a little one sentence describing that scene telling myself the whole story…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here). 

Visions on set of CLOWNING with Nana Ghana (P.M. Lipscomb in reflection)
P.M. Lipscomb with Nancy Pushkar onset of Willa’s Peach


P.M. Lipscomb has passionately made awarding-winning movies since April 23, 2006. He has made three feature films and thirty-six shorts presented at a dozen film festivals across the country. He strives to make work as a means of escape for the audience from the everyday hardships. After receiving the Emerging Filmmaker Award in 2015 for his decade of work in film, he was hired as a documentarian in Toronto, Canada to follow Jacob Barnett. P.M. Lipscomb has also taught film editing at the Academy of Art in San Francisco for a year and learned from experimental filmmakers such as Nathaniel Dorsky. P.M’s first feature film, CLOWNING was released through Gravitas Ventures and is available across many platforms. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, P.M. Lipscomb has now moved to West Hollywood, where he is preparing his next feature film. It is in the genre of horror, and is called Bickle. 









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