Hardest Question In The World – Logan Burdick

Film Courage: Would you rather give your past self advice or ask your future self a question?

Logan Burdick: Filmmaker/Writer: That’s a deep one. Ask my future self a question? I guess that I only get to do one, those are both really positive things. I’m going to go with Ask My Future Self A Question just because I feel luckily I have a personality in which I’m always trying to figure things out and come up with new and novel approaches to any problem either creatively or from a career perspective. I would like to imagine that it only gets better with age. I would hope future me would have a lot of insight now because I guess the other problem with that scenario is do you listen to you anyway? Because I feel again at least myself and a lot of people, I think that you are a lot more headstrong when you haven’t had as much experience and you haven’t failed in whatever crazy ways that you failed. You think everything that you’re going to do is the correct answer and so I think that it’s a little hard to shake yourself out of that until you’ve actually had that experience. You go Oh, that really did not work but I imagine that young me probably would have been a little hubristic and would not necessarily take old me’s advice. 

Film Courage: What would be the question that you would ask your future self? 

Logan: The question I would ask my future self? 

Film Courage: Dear Logan, I have a question.

Logan: A thousand percent legitimately I would ask what steps do I need to take now to ensure that I’m holistically happiest in the future? I think a thing that a lot of entertainment people struggle with, or again maybe not a lot of it or maybe it’s just me, but I think that at least for me personally it’s the idea again of chasing something that makes you feel fulfilled. It’s very easy to be Okay, I’ve never had a movie made. Okay, I had a movie made but it wasn’t a big enough movie, how do I get a bigger movie made? Okay, but it didn’t star these [people]. It’s very easy to get into that mindset and I think that it’s really important even though it’s hard to try to take a step back and…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



Logan Burdick is a writer/director who has spent his professional life immersed in the digital media landscape (as a creator, producer, and production/development executive), and seeks to infuse the style, culture, and stories of that world into traditional storytelling. Logan’s latest script IT TAKES THREE is a modern influencer twist on a Cyrano de Bergerac story when the coolest guy in school discovers that the new girl sees through his popularity and good looks, he enlists the class nerd to take over his social media accounts to add substance to his style.









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