5 Harsh Truths For Anyone Who Wants To Be A Screenwriter – Guido Segal

Guido Segal, Screenwriter, Journalist, Film Critic, Instructor: I’d say that the worst thing about being a writer or a creator is the lack of stability.

Film Courage: If we were going to take the same new screenwriter and they asked How do I know I have a yes person who might be reading my script, so it’s a person who doesn’t want to hurt my feelings or maybe there’s an agenda they want to keep the friendship for whatever reason. How do you know…how do you decipher someone who’s just giving you fluff?

Guido: You mean professionally, it’s something that’s leading nowhere?

Film Courage: Feedback on a script, it could be a friend, it could be a manager, somebody that just they just want to tell you yes. They want to keep you happy but it’s actually not constructive.

Guido: What I would say is what do you want from feedback? Of course our egos need a little attention so when someone says I loved your script, it’s so good there’s a second where you appreciate it because you need validation but then there’s nothing you can do with that and if you’re honest with yourself you don’t really believe that your script is perfect. I’m not saying that you should work on it endlessly because there comes a time when you have to stop and you have to move on and there’s a fine line between rewrites and then just over rewriting it of course unless you’re getting paid and then you have no choice. What I would say is you try people out. First of all…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


Guido Segal was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Before moving to Los Angeles to pursue his  MFA in Screenwriting at UCLA, he was a journalist and a film critic, selected as a Juror at la Semaine de la Critique, during the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. Segal has worked as a documentary filmmaker for History and Discovery Channel covering political topics (Asylum Seekers; Sicarios). He also has vast experience as an assistant director and screenwriter for films and TV. Segal co-wrote the Argentinian films Leones (2012) and Kékzsakállú (2016). He was also staffed as a TV writer in three shows: Un Año Para Recordar (2011-2012); La Asombrosa Excursión de Zamba (2014-2016); and Siesta Z (2016). The last two animated shows were nominated for International Emmy Awards in the Kids category. Segal has lived in Argentina, Spain and Finland, and taught Screenwriting and Film Analysis in Universidad del Cine (Buenos Aires), Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), TAMK University (Tampere, Finland) and UCLA. 







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