Not Everyone Has Time To Be An Artist – Glenn Gers

Glenn Gers, Screenwriter: Doing your work and putting it in front of an audience, starting the work, finishing it and presenting it is the most important education you can get.

Film Courage: I’m wondering if being an office temp for the 12 years that you did and doing writing on the side or in free time fueled you because if you’d had a more comfortable job where maybe money wasn’t an option and trying to book work, maybe you would have given up on the screenwriting?

Glenn: I don’t think (just personally the way I’m built) I would have. I frequently gave up on jobs rather than have them interfere with what I thought was my career. But I do think that life can really challenge people trying to be artists with the demands of real life, it’s hard. It is hard to build a way to get some time and to feel it’s worth it when it’s an abnormal thing to do. It’s not…most people aren’t doing it and most people’s lives don’t require it. Most people have perfectly fine lives without writing a novel or a screenplay or doing whatever it is that an artist wants to do. I think it’s important to recognize that you are doing something a little offbeat and that the most important thing…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).












Glenn Gers has been a full-time professional writer of movies and television for 25 years. His credits include theatrical features, no-budget indies, TV staff and episodes, original movies for cable and streaming, such as BROTHER’S KEEPER (2002), FRACTURE (2007), MAD MONEY (2008) and many more. He has won multiple festival prizes and an Emmy. He provides tips for writing on his Youtube channel Writing For Screens and offers script-consulting via his website


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