How To Pitch And Sell A Screenplay – Peter Katz

Film Courage: Can you give us an example of how you helped one of your writers sell their scripts and get a movie made? 

Peter Katz, Story Driven CEO: I have a project that I sold and we basically worked on developing the pitch together and we brought together the right producers, team and made attachments. We had a pitch on zoom which made it very challenging because this was during the pandemic. This was a project where it’s crazy, we sold a movie during a dystopian event where we can’t leave our place. We prepped it on zoom and it was extremely challenging because a lot of the process of selling an idea is very physical. You’re in a room together and it’s something that you have to have a presence but when you’re on a laptop like Max Headroom and you’re just a floating head it makes it infinitely more difficult to sell a project. We had a tough situation, how do we make something really good because we had studio executives that were going to be on a zoom call. We decided that the pitch we just make 20 minutes…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


Peter Katz is CEO of the management and production company Story Driven. Story Driven clients have worked with studios and streamers including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Universal, Lionsgate, Orion TV, A&E Studios, Landmark Studio Group and Stage 13. Story Driven clients have worked with production companies including Atomic Monster, Gunpowder & Sky, 87Eleven Entertainment and Ghost House Pictures. Story Driven clients have screened their films at festivals including SXSW, Sundance, Tribeca Film Festival, TIFF, AFI Fest and Fantastic Fest. Press outlets who have covered our clients include Entertainment Weekly, Forbes, Empire, Deadline, Hollywood Reporter, IndieWire and Vulture. Many of our clients are multi-platform storytellers. They create stories that live across the media landscape, as books, comics and podcasts.






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