This Mindset Shift Can Transform A Screenwriter’s Career – Brooks Elms

Brooks Elms, Screenwriter/Writing Mentor: I remember a few years ago he said he got this job writing on the show and he was like Yeah, there was no effort, it was so easy. I just didn’t have to chase it down and my mind was kind of hurting. What do you mean? What?

Film Courage: Brooks before you moved to Hollywood, what was the picture you had in your mind of what it meant to be a working Hollywood screenwriter? 

Brooks: That’s a great question if before I went to Hollywood my thought of being a working screenwriter is sort of non-stop five projects at a time this one, that one, the other one and finishing one and getting on to another one. I think that’s pretty much what I would think back then. 

Film Courage: When you attended NYU (or even before) you had this vision that it would be non-stop work, phone ringing, people wanting to have meetings maybe? 

Brooks: Yeah, so the idea “made it,” what’s so interesting is that a lot of people talk about Oh, have you made it? Have you broken in? Or whatever and it’s kind of amorphous when you go What does that mean to you that you made it? And people usually go…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


Brooks Elms is a screenwriter and independent filmmaker. His specialty is grounded personal characters and writing story tension so thick it knots up your stomach. He’s written 25+ screenplays, a dozen of them on assignment, and sold several scripts, including one this year with Brad Peyton as Executive Producer. Brooks was recently hired to rewrite a screenplay started by an Oscar-winning writer. Brooks began his career writing, directing, and producing two indie features (personal dramas) that he screened all over the world. And Brooks also loves coaching fellow writers who have a burning ambition to deeply serve their audiences.







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