Writing Advice That I Think About Most Often – Jeremy Foley

Film Courage: What writing advice has helped you the most? 

Jeremy Foley, Filmmaker/Actor/Screenwriter: That’s a good question. The writing advice that’s helped me the most is actually very simple. It came from a friend of mine who’s himself a fantastic writer/director who’s written and directed films that we’ve seen on Netflix (big, big movies) and the writing advice was only Keep Writing. That was it. This was coming from a friend who was trying to impart on me that the way he broke in or the way that he was able to elevate his career was when he wrote a script that everybody wanted and he was able to attach himself as a director. The advice was very simple just Keep Writing. It’s something I think about often and it’s something I think about to this day and I feel like that goes a little bit to what I was saying earlier about perseverance. It speaks to that a little bit because it is that attitude I think that I’ve seen be successful for so many people. I’ve seen this work where it’s just you…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



Jeremy Foley is an actor and director, known for The Faceless Man (2018), Fated (2015) and Dante’s Peak (1997). He is also the co-producer of Hell, California, a hardboiled crime fiction podcast anthology series (produced and developed by Christian Elder). It takes place in a mysterious, mythical California border town called Hell. Each episode is an original standalone noir story, often about greed, lust and murder. In March 2020, Elder, Foley and a team of six writers formed an online TV writers’ room during the pandemic, resulting in this series. 


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