How Many Screenplays Is A Business Minded Screenwriter Working On At One Time? – Jim Agnew

Film Courage: Anytime we interview someone they [our viewers] naturally go right away to an IMDB page for better or worse and they want to vet the person. You have six screenwriting credits? Can you talk about how many you’ve written and how screenwriting actually works and how selling them works? You have six there, but probably you have many more than just on your IMDB

Jim Agnew, Screenwriter/Producer: That’s a good question. I mean I’ve probably written I don’t know maybe 80 screenplays? Probably optioned or been hired to write at least 20 or 25? I don’t even know anymore. But the thing is that there’s different things too. It’s like sometimes you can be hired to write a script. We wrote a script for Antoine Fuqua who hired us to write this movie about LAPD. Sometimes you’re hired, those don’t get made and then they don’t show up on you know your IMDB credits or you get hired to write a pilot. I’ve written several pilots for tv shows that haven’t been made too. Then sometimes things are optioned or people buy things they don’t get made, so it’s always different so I don’t know there’s been a lot. The thing is I have this rule of thumb to make a living…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).







Jim Agnew is a director, writer and producer, known for The Capture (2017), Rage (2014) and Game of Death (2011). A former contributor/writer to Film Threat who played guitar for the Industrial Rock group Hate Dept. Jim has worked with such directors as Dario Argento and John Carpenter as well as Oscar-winning actors, producers and writers.


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