Biggest Lessons From First Hollywood Writing Job – Glenn Gers

Film Courage: How did you get your first Hollywood writing job?

Glenn Gers, Screenwriter: It was a fluke, a freak occurrence. It was actually a script that I had written 10 years before. It was my first script and I had gotten an agent with my first script. I’d gotten very lucky. I knew someone who knew someone who showed it to an agent who picked me up as their client but they could not get me. There had been a very small option during the 10 years. Other than that I was office temping and administrative-assistant-ing and doing some development work for indie companies and I was beginning to think I should stop because I was actually planning to become a teacher, like maybe a high school teacher or college teacher if I could because at least I would have summer vacations to write. It was always what can I do to support my writing? That never stopped but the idea of becoming a screenwriter stopped because I was like why keep beating my head against the wall? I had written a bunch of scripts, I had an agent. If I wasn’t making it…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).












Glenn Gers has been a full-time professional writer of movies and television for 25 years. His credits include theatrical features, no-budget indies, TV staff and episodes, original movies for cable and streaming, such as BROTHER’S KEEPER (2002), FRACTURE (2007), MAD MONEY (2008) and many more. He has won multiple festival prizes and an Emmy. He provides tips for writing on his Youtube channel Writing For Screens and offers script-consulting via his website


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