Ugly Truth About Being A Screenwriter – Glenn Gers

Film Courage: Can you tell us the reasons why being a screenwriter is impossible?

Glenn Gers, Screenwriter: Yeah, absolutely. Actually in many ways I would advise no one to be a screenwriter. It is by far one of the dumbest arts to try and be in other than maybe a large-scale architecture. The first thing about screenwriting is you’re never getting to finish the work, in other words you get to finish the script, but it’s not available to an audience until it’s made by other people. So basically you’re creating something in order to give to a bunch of other people so they’ll create another thing and frankly a different thing. The thing that’s based in your script is a production and it will change in many ways. So if you really are like I can totally picture this movie in my head and that’s why I’m writing it, get over it. It will never ever be like that even in the greatest of circumstances where things are better than you want, it will never be as you imagine. But honestly I believe that’s the creative process itself. When you imagine a script it actually comes out differently than you first imagined it or what you think. The process of transforming anything into a concrete work out of an abstract thought changes it and honestly when a reader reads it, it’s going to change again. Because when you say he wore a red tie they’re going to picture a different red tie that you’re picturing and you have to be able to accept that the script is a piece of a project that you will not have any control over. So that’s number one is unless you really like that process of doing something for other people to work from…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here). 












Glenn Gers has been a full-time professional writer of movies and television for 25 years. His credits include theatrical features, no-budget indies, TV staff and episodes, original movies for cable and streaming, such as BROTHER’S KEEPER (2002), FRACTURE (2007), MAD MONEY (2008) and many more. He has won multiple festival prizes and an Emmy. He provides tips for writing on his Youtube channel Writing For Screens and offers script-consulting via his website


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