It’s Not About Selling The Screenplay, It’s About Getting The Movie Made – Jim Agnew

Film Courage: I think I’ve heard you say it’s not about selling a screenplay, it’s about getting the movie made?

Jim Agnew, Screenwriter/Producer:  Yes.

Film Courage: How are those two things different?

Jim: You can sell a screenplay if you want to make some money and that’s great but in my mindset it’s like if I love this script and I want to get it made, I not only want to get paid, but I want to get it made because in the long term…sure make some money, but the reason a lot of us are doing this is to…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).






Jim Agnew is a director, writer and producer, known for The Capture (2017), Rage (2014) and Game of Death (2011). A former contributor/writer to Film Threat who played guitar for the Industrial Rock group Hate Dept. Jim has worked with such directors as Dario Argento and John Carpenter as well as Oscar-winning actors, producers and writers.


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