Misconceptions Beginning Screenwriters Have About The Film Business – Jim Agnew

Film Courage: You have two screenplays, one that was looked at and scrutinized by John Carpenter, the other that was ready for production and it fell through a few days beforehand, what did both of those situations teach you about writing?

Jim Agnew, Screenwriter/Producer: It taught me to just be part of the process because you start working with directors and producers and actors and even though neither of those projects got made, you realize that you’re not an individual in this process. You have to be a team player, you have to work with all of these different people and have their input and maybe Producer A has some good ideas and Producer B has horrible ideas but…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).









Jim Agnew is a director, writer and producer, known for The Capture (2017), Rage (2014) and Game of Death (2011). A former contributor/writer to Film Threat who played guitar for the Industrial Rock group Hate Dept. Jim has worked with such directors as Dario Argento and John Carpenter as well as Oscar-winning actors, producers and writers.



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