Finishing The First Draft Of A Screenplay – Victoria Fratz

Film Courage: How long does it take you to finish the first draft of a screenplay?

Victoria Fratz, Actress/Producer/Writer:  That varies on the subject matter. If you’re in a dramatic genre I think it will take a bit longer. Comedy, it’s not my strongest suit but I do love it. I think comedy is extremely hard to write. How are you going to craft all of these jokes? That’s wild to me but because I’ve been living in the suspense-thriller-mystery world for quite a while now. I would say that a first completed feature script probably takes me two or three weeks for the first draft. I think my fastest draft that I ever did which was a true life drama so it was different. I was pulling from my own experiences…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


Victoria Fratz is an actress, producer, and writer based in Los Angeles, California. Most notably known for her role in romantic comedy, Electric Love and her large social media presence. Victoria got national recognition through features in Forbes and Adweek for her surge in social media fame. Her latest project VAL is currently in post-production. Victoria (along with partner Aaron Fradkin) operate the independent production studio/Youtube channel Social House Films.








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