How One Person Can Start A Production Company — Van Ditthavong

Film Courage: At what point in this journey did you begin your production company?

Van Ditthavong, Filmmaker/Photographer: Early on. Once I started the short films and where my first short film was called Balloons Go Pop and so I started goPOP FILMS and that started with short films that I was doing. When we embarked on making a feature film we partnered up with Red Productions which is based in Fort Worth Texas and Santa Monica [California]. Then recently we started a commercial division representing different commercial directors. It was a slow process. It was me all the way back then and then just learning the business and then going Hey, if this person can start a production company, what’s stopping me from me? Legal paperwork? Things like that. That’s the path and I wanted to have something I could control as a business.

Film Courage: Can you talk about the process for starting a business (step-by-step), what did you do?

Van: Yes, obviously you start out first if you’re just by yourself for people out there not knowing (being a sole proprietor) so you don’t have to start an LLC…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).








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