How A Director Works With A Screenwriter — David Wappel

Film Courage: Your latest screenwriting credit is LONG GONE BY?

David Wappel, Screenwriter/Author: Yes.

Film Courage: You share credit co-writing this?

David: Yes.

Film Courage: Andrew Morgan?

David: Yes, he’s the director.

Film Courage: Can you tell us what the story is about?

David: It’s about an immigrant mother living in middle America and on the same day she finds out that her Visa is not going to get renewed (she’s on a 6-month Visa that continually gets renewed) and on that same day she finds out her daughter was accepted into college but it’s at a state school and because she’s technically not a state resident she has to pay out of state tuition and she just can’t afford it. So she finds out all of this information on the same day and basically has to figure out what is she going to do. She sees the life she wants for her daughter and why she came to America for it and she sees that if she can’t get her into this school that might not happen. After exhausting all of her options she decides that she is going to rob a few banks…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).









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