This Tool Can Help A Writer Structure Their Screenplay – Van Ditthavong

Film Courage: When you sit down to write a story do you begin with an outline?

Van Ditthavong, Filmmaker/Photographer: Every single script has been different. The last one ALL ROADS TO PEARLA I did outline. The last one I just did is called ONLY THE DEAD LEAVE EARLY I did not outline at all. I just started with an image and then locked myself up in a car. I would drive my wife to work and then I would sit in the car because that would force me not to look at my phone and I would write for a couple of hours. That way I could talk things out. So if you’re walking by and seeing this guy talking to himself in a car he’s either gone crazy or something, but I felt that was right for that particular script and that made me do it every day…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).










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