How Professional Speakers Prepare For Their Stories And Speeches — Barbara Seymour Giordano

Film Courage: You did a podcast with two screenwriters. Any takeaways from that?

Barbara Seymour Giordano, Writer and Coach, StoryWorksLA: It was interesting. The one woman was very nervous (one of the screenwriters), very nervous about pitching. She always felt self-conscious. What should I do? What are the tips that I need? So I gave her a lot of tips on how to really interact with your audience. It doesn’t matter who your audience is but especially in any kind of emotional, artistic, endeavor, it’s about telling that story from a place of heart. How does it matter to you?


The story is never about you, it’s about your North Star. You need to identify that early on.


This is one of the things I tell my speakers and I believe I said it on the podcast but if I didn’t this is a bonus. The story is never about you, it’s about your North Star. You need to identify that early on. When I sit down with a speaker, that is what we do early on. Where do you want to leave the audience? What is the one idea that you want them to think about or act upon when they leave the theatre…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).








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