You Have To Work To Get Your Screenplay Read — Markus Redmond

Film Courage: For a new screenwriter who has just finished a first screenplay, what do they do with it?

Markus Redmond, Actor/Writer/Director/Producer: I don’t know? [laughs]. Alright, so you are saying you write a screenplay, do you know nothing about nothing, right? You just wrote something? Okay…Internet! Internet! This is the connectivity of the world is in everybody’s palm because it’s on the phone. There are contests and websites, there’s all kinds of stuff where you can submit a screenplay and get some kind of feedback on it.

If you’re waiting for Universal to show up and grab up your scripts then you’ll be waiting a very long time. However, get it out there. Let people say no to you. Don’t be so precious about it. Just get it out there. Because if you do that and you put it in the hands of different places and different websites like where you can just post your script there for producers to look at if they dig your logline, you’re going to learn stuff and you’re going to understand what’s working. If nobody clicks on your script, you’ve got work to do. If people do click on your script, you’re going to find out what the deal is from there.

Especially now it’s weird because of the whole Writers Guild thing that is going on so I mean I guess you could submit it to agents…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



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