A Great Way To Write Authentic Characters Is To Workshop Your Script — Patricia Vidal Delgado

Film Courage: Everyone talks about writing authentic characters. We all want that and want to watch that. But how do you know you’re writing an authentic character and how easy is it?

Patricia Vidal Delgado, Writer/Director: I think that especially if you are writing about anyone who isn’t you I think it’s very important to do research. What I mean by research is I kind of employ a Neo-realist strategy in La Leyenda Negra where I cast teenagers from the community that I was portraying.

I think that is what you need if you want to make a character more authentic. You really have to sit down and interact and spend time and listen to the kids in order to capture their unique voices.

Film Courage: When you made the 2-minute film which was your first project at UCLA did you already have the idea for your feature film?

Patricia: No, not…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).







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