Writing A Screenplay For A Movie That Takes Place In Real Time by Gavin Michael Booth

Film Courage: Can you talk about the screenwriting process [for LAST CALL ONE TAKE]? So Daved [Wilkins] had this idea? You were each bouncing ideas off of each other, how did this work?

Gavin Michael Booth, Writer/Director/Cinematographer: Daved and I would try to get together in person as often as possible. I’m a stickler for outlining the story before you start writing dialogue. A lot of it was just the painstaking…and this is because we have two sides of the story we have to make sure we have something interesting happening on both sides of the screen at the same time.

It’s interesting because from the audience perspective they can see…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Last Call | Official Trailer from Gavin Michael Booth on Vimeo.



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