Simultaneous Real-Time Split-Screen Filmmaking by Gavin Michael Booth of LAST CALL Movie

Film Courage: In 15 seconds can you explain the technical premise behind LAST CALL movie?

Gavin Michael Booth, Filmmaker: LAST CALL is a feature film shot in real time so single take, no edits but also split screen. There are two camera crews shooting simultaneously that when put together in an edit make up the entire film.

Film Courage: Is this a style you’ve tried before?

Gavin: I have done a few split-screen music videos but not real time. I have done a single take real time short film and I worked with Blumhouse the “horror kings” to do a sort of war-of-the-worlds-style film that…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


Last Call | Official Trailer from Gavin Michael Booth on Vimeo.




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