I Never Expected To Be A Filmmaker by Patricia Vidal Delgado

Film Courage: Has filmmaking always been easy for you?

Patricia Vidal Delgado, Writer/Director: I think writing comes easier but then filmmaking because there is also all of the practical aspects like funding, getting a crew together, getting a producer. Each film presents its own challenges so I don’t want to say that Oh it’s always easy to make a filmbecause you have to get that boulder up over the hill. Each time there is always a lot of effort and it’s a team effort.

I think coming up with an idea for a film, that I find relatively easy.

Film Courage: Do you think this goes back to what you said earlier you like to be the receiver of the story and not the one pushing the story out? And you just got so good at absorbing stories?

Patricia: Yes, maybe. So now I have absorbed all of those stories and I can kind of…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).





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