Are Story And Plot The Same Thing? by Markus Redmond

Film Courage: Are story and plot the same thing?

Markus Redmond, Actor/Writer/Director/Producer: I don’t know? That’s a good question. Should we ask Siri?

Film Courage: I hadn’t thought of that? Let’s try it.

Markus: Because I don’t know. Hey Siri!

Siri: Yes.

Markus: What’s the difference between plot and story?

[Reads Siri’s suggestion — found via the]


“A story is the requisite timeline of events present in any narrative. No story? No novel. Because any novel, however abstract must report events of some kind.

A plot expresses rationale and informs the reader why a specific list of events belongs together, what the timeline is ultimately meant to communicate.”


So, yes. They are different. Thank you, Siri.

Film Courage: Do you think of this when you’re writing or none of this enters your mind?

Markus: No. I just try to think of what’s cool, what can be cool, who can be cool and then what they can get into and…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



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