New Year’s Resolution: Writing A Screenplay by David Wappel

Film Courage: I just happened to stumble upon your Twitter account and I think you Tweeted “If you’re planning on writing a script in 2020 and you have not started yet, start today, make a file, do a title page, write your first slug line, and then your first line of action. Tomorrow, you can jump right in.” I like this because it’s almost as if you’re saying to people you don’t have to be too committed, just get the framework ready and then you can do the rest of the stuff later or another day. Take these baby steps to get it ready. Is that your intention from what I read? I think this is great for those who are phobic about starting a screenplay.

David Wappel, Screenwriter: My intention writing that Tweet (I guess I should say that I wrote that on the 31st of December) so it’s if you are planning on starting a screenplay in 2020, start it in 2019 because when you sit down and it’s just this vacuum of blankness there’s just this feeling of Oh my gosh, I have so many possibilities and I just don’t know what to choose?

But as soon as you get something down (regardless of what it is) I think things just really open up because all of the sudden your possibilities start to narrow”…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).








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