How Do You REALLY Break Into Hollywood?

David F. Sandberg, Filmmaker (a.k.a. Ponysmasher on Youtube): It was always my dream to make movies and it was always my dream to be a Hollywood director.

Erik Bork, Screenwriter/Author: I pursued being a film major in my undergraduate in Ohio which is my home state and got a four-year degree, a BFA in motion picture production which of course guarantees you a job in the industry immediately when you show up with that.

Rhys Thomas, Writer/Director: Where I grew up was about as far from the film industry as could be. Well not as could be, I’m sure I could have grown up in Siberia too. But I grew up in a small village in South Wales and really had zero idea of how you might penetrate the film industry or television.

Todd Berger, Writer/Director: I was living in Austin, I was delivering pizza. I was going to move to Chicago and do Second City and then go to New York because…you know…I grew up thinking LA? Hollywood? Like what am I going to do, sell out?

Corey Mandell, Screenwriter/Instructor: Maybe she was thinking Do I really want to put my career on the line with this guy? I was a nobody. I was in film school. I was age 23 and as green as they came.

Dr. Ken Atchity, Author/Producer: I realized that I wasn’t 18 years old in the mailroom at William Morris and I wasn’t infinitely wealthy and I didn’t have relatives in the film business. Those are like the three main ways to get into the business, normally.

Markus Redmond, Screenwriter/Actor/Director: What am I doing? I’m sitting here and staring at a phone that doesn’t ring. The phone is not going anywhere, I’m not going anywhere. I could be sitting here a year from now and me and my phone can be hanging out together or I could be sitting here…(Watch the video on Youtube here).


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