There Is No Story Without Struggle by Barbara Seymour Giordano

Film Courage: What are some common ways people get their own stories wrong?

Barbara Seymour Giordano, Writer and Coach, StoryWorksLA: That is a very interesting question. I hadn’t really thought about the ways that people get their stories wrong.

I would say that when it comes to getting your story wrong if you don’t have a really clear perception of who you are and where you are, when that is out of step and out of alignment and that usually occurs when there is too much ego or too much fragility. You are on a spectrum right? So you are either:

Oh, I can’t do that!


Pff! And there is a lot of false bravado.

When it gets too extreme in either direction is when the story gets wrong, it gets warped. And what we tell ourselves becomes our beliefs and then those beliefs are the things that keep us stuck.

It’s really important to take a look at How much ego do I have in this? You can feel it in your body. Was it Sanford Meisner that said The body is the instrument. I believe it was? And excuse me Youtube world if I got that wrong. I believe he was the one that said that which is brilliant because I say that to my speakers and I quote him and hopefully that is the right one.

But you can really feel in your skin when you’re in alignment and when you’re in alignment you are telling your truth. That truth is short, sweet and to the point. It doesn’t take a lot of words to say and it has the tone and the beauty and the magic of a church bell.

I don’t live very far from the San Juan Mission and at every hour they ding the bell. And the sound is this old, beautiful church bell and it’s pure and gorgeous.

That’s what truth feels like. You can feel it in your body, there is no resistance. It’s when we feel resistance in our body that we are not being true to our story or who we are I should say. That’s the story we’re telling but it does not mean we are being true to who we are or what we could be…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


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