How To Build A Filmmaking Career Off A One Thousand Dollar Movie by Mark Harris [FULL INTERVIEW]

Film Courage: Mark, are you a Chicago-based filmmaker?

Mark Harris, Filmmaker: Yes, I am Chicago (born and raised).

Film Courage: Whereabouts in Chicago?

Mark: I’m from the Englewood community in Chicago which is next door to the Hyde Park community which is where the Obamas are from. So Englewood as you all know is a community that if you hear about the media it’s always negative press that’s coming out. Some of the people you have Derrick Rose who is from Englewood, you have Bernie Mac, Jennifer Hudson. I’m sure you remember the things that happened with her family and that all took place in the Englewood community.

Film Courage: What brings you to Los Angeles?

Mark: I’m here in Los Angeles because my film BLACK PRIVILEGE is screening at the Pan-African Film Festival which has been going on for 27 years and this is our sixth year attending the festival. I’m very excited about it.

Film Courage: Do you come out every year for it?

Mark: Yes, I do. I come out here every year for the festival whether I have something in it or not, I’m supporting it.

Film Courage: What do you noticed about the filmmaking community in Chicago versus Los Angeles (the energy or whatever it is)?

Mark: Well, of course we don’t have as many filmmakers in Chicago as we do in Los Angeles and the energy…like in Chicago when I deal with the different filmmakers they are always…they are on the hustle. It’s always a hustle, it’s always a grind. Here is the thing, in Chicago…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



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