How To Become A Full-Time Filmmaker by Mark Harris

Film Courage: You are here from Chicago, you’re in LA screening at the Pan African Film Festival?

Mark Harris, Filmmaker: Yes.

Film Courage: Are you a full-time filmmaker in Chicago or do you have another job?

Mark: I am a full-time filmmaker in Chicago. This is what I do. This is how I provide for my family. I don’t do anything but make films. Again, I have a marketing company (what I use to market my films). But the way that I provide for my family is through filmmaking.

Film Courage: For filmmakers who haven’t figured out the business side yet, what advice can you give them? And how can you explain the different ways that a filmmaker can get out of having a 9-to-5 job?

Mark: Great question. Here’s how you can definitely get out. Say for instance you asked the question previously about a filmmaker who makes a film for $20,000…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


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