Great Way To Start A Screenplay Without An Outline by David Wappel

Film Courage: Do you start every screenplay with an outline?

David Wappel, Screenwriter: I first start with a notebook. Once I’ve decided Okay this is a project that I want to write I buy a notebook for it. I usually try to theme the notebook. If it’s an old pirate adventure, I’ll make a notebook that looks like that. Then I will just use that notebook to freehand write anything I am interested in regarding the screenplay whether it is just a very vague idea of I think this thing should happen or I am writing dialogue for a scene that might exist in the scene. I am filling that notebook up and I don’t really have a timeline at that point (I’m talking about spec scripts for me). I’m just writing it, writing it, writing it until hopefully a story will coalesce. Once I feel that story has coalesced I’ll try to write that story as succinctly…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).







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