Emotional Beats Of The Hero’s Journey by Barbara Seymour Giordano

Barbara Seymour Giordano, Writer and Coach, StoryWorksLA: I clicked on images and I saw something called The Hero’s Journey [Author Joseph Campbell]. And I was like You know, I feel like I’ve heard about that before. What is this crazy thing called The Hero’s Journey?

Film Courage: Do you like rules when it comes to writing and telling stories? Are you a stickler for the rules whether it’s The Hero’s Journey?

Barbara: Ah…me and rules.

Film Courage: I know you grew up in the Bay Area [California] and we don’t always love rules (myself included).

Barbara: Yes…see! I really fought rules because I was like Oh no, I just feel this inherently. I’m just going to put it down. Because the first talks (speeches) that I ever wrote were for TEDx Orange Coast. I wrote eight of them and I was like I don’t know what I’m doing? I know how to tell a story but I didn’t really know how do you get a person’s life from Point A to Point B to the end, right?

I would get half way through the script…and by the way, I had to turn around a lot of the scripts in two to three weeks (eight of them) so I didn’t have much time. I was working seven days a week. I was like I better figure this out. Oh my goodness! I was anti-rule. Then one day I was working on a speech for this TED Talk (one of them) and I wanted to do this woman justice, I just adored her. Her name is Amy Purdy and she and I were collaborating together…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


[As mentioned in this segment] Living beyond limits | Amy Purdy | TEDxOrangeCoast








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