Does A Screenwriter Have To Live In Los Angeles To Launch Their Career? by Corey Mandell

Film Courage: A question which comes up a lot amongst creative people, do you have to live in Los Angeles to launch a career? Especially with writing?

Corey Mandell, Screenwriter/Instructor: You don’t have to live in LA to launch a career. But it’s going to be harder if you don’t in certain ways. What I would is first of all think about — there are stages. The first stage is writer development. Most people start out, they don’t quite realize how hard it is and they have a little bit of exuberant confidence which I think is great because it gets you writing. I know for myself if I knew how hard it was going to be, I wouldn’t have even started. And when I first started it was like Oh I’m good, this isn’t hard. This is as good as that movie. And then at some point comes the point where someone tells you and shows you You are not close to where you need to be. Then the question is what are you going to do about that?

So there is the phase of writer development and I’ve talked about this and I won’t go into…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).






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