Hannibal Lecter Is Not The Bad Guy In The Silence of the Lambs by Scott Myers of Go Into The Story

Film Courage: I am loving this disunity-to-unity transformation. Can we use this in an example for a film?

Scott Myers, DePaul University Professor/Screenwriter/Creator Gointothestory.blcklst(dot)comSure. Well there are so many you know. That’s why I call the book The Protagonist’s Journey because Hollywood loves happy endings and even indie films generally have a happy ending. So that’s that positive arc.

There are movies where characters don’t go through an arc, they refuse to change or they go through a negative arc like Charles Foster Kane in CITIZEN KANE. He started off in a state of unity in Colorado and he was yanked out of there and he just always wanted to go back, that is what the snow globe represented. So he ended up in this dissolute state and eventual despair and death.

But most movies have a positive arc and so for example disunity-to-unity those four movements that’s my language system. There are other ways to refer to it and by the way this alliance with what has become more and more popular now amongst pro writers I know to thinking of the structure of four acts as opposed to three. If you look at the psychological journey of the character that these four movements echo that.

Let’s look at a movie like THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. So Clarice Starling is in a major state of disunity…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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