How Many Screenplays Does A Screenwriter Need To Have? by Markus Redmond

Film Courage: One of the running themes of this interview today has been a reference to your t-shirt “broken record,” which is have more content. Always have more so even when you go into pitch you have more to show. What does this entail for you? How much is more for you? How many projects are we talking about? What do you have in your arsenal?

Markus Redmond, Actor/Writer/Director/ProducerSo full arsenal, full arsenal…I did an inventory six months ago of everything. And I sort of did this experiment where I mapped out everything. And I thought okay if every one of these things got made — films, pilots, not counting the length of how long a television show would run. But you know [TV] pilot gets shot, edited and put on the air, picked up, filmed, put in theaters or on streaming or whatever. How long would it take if everything…and there were no hiccups…like you just got it, the money came and the buyers are there, the distribution was there, it just did it. Each piece without any hiccups how long would it take to get everything done? I would have to be one hundred and sixteen years old for everything to get done that I’ve written.

This year there has been a lot more focus on television with the company that I’m working with. So there has only been one feature film…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



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