What It’s Like To Pitch A Movie Idea To Ridley Scott by Corey Mandell

Film Courage: Can you recall the meeting you had with Ridley Scott?

Corey Mandell, Screenwriter/Instructor: Like it was yesterday! And I will answer that but I’m going to be annoying and answering something…I want to talk about the meeting I had before Ridley Scott because I think there is a teaching moment in here.

So I had an idea for a movie and I pitched it to my agent and she goes Oh! I think this is great. Let’s take it out to the marketplace. And then she said Let’s make a list of our dream places that we want to sell it to. So if you could sell it to anyone, who would it be? And it was so heady I thought Oh yeah, who would I sell it to? And I said Ridley Scott! And she kind of laughed like Okay…yeah. We will take it there and then when they pass we will go down the list and then we will go to places that actually could.

So I go into Ridley Scott’s and I pitch with Sue Williams, who is a development executive (smart, nicest woman). And this is really important when you are pitching is you are trying to get as much information.

I was pitching her this project and at some point I saw her body language shift and I go Oooh, is something off about that? And she goes Ridley doesn’t like these kind of things. I think this is really exciting for him but not if it is going down that road.

And I’m like What kind of things does Ridley Scott like? And so she started sharing things and it was so helpful so we could kind of retool the pitch together. And so she was instrumental.

When you go to someone you are pitching you are trying to get as much…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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