The 8 Sequence Method Versus CSUN Professor Eric Edson’s Story Structure Paradigm by Marty Lang, Assistant Professor of Film of University of Arkansas

In this Film Courage video interview, Screenwriter/Director and Assistant Professor of Film at the University of Central Arkansas Marty Lang on the 8 sequence method versus Eric Edson’s Story Structure Paradigm


BIO: My name’s Marty Lang, and I’m an award-winning filmmaker, professor and journalist. I attended the University of Connecticut, graduating with a B.A. in Journalism and covering entertainment for the New York Times. After producing the independent feature “A Little Bit of Lipstick,” starring Mia Tyler and Soupy Sales, I was accepted into the Florida State University Graduate Film Conservatory in 2002.

I worked on over 50 short films at FSU, associate producing the Student Academy Award-winning comedy “The Plunge,” and co-producing the Oscar-qualifying “Fields of Mudan.” After working for Zide/Perry Films and Magnet Management in Los Angeles, I moved back home to Connecticut.

Since then, I’ve co-produced the satire “Being Michael Madsen,” starring Michael Madsen, Virginia Madsen, David Carradine and and Lacey Chabert, associate produced the supernatural drama “The Other Side of the Tracks,” starring Brendan Fehr and Tania Raymonde, and associate produced the drama “Out of My Hand,”a 2014 IFP Labs film that world premiered at Berlin in 2015, and won the Jury Award for US Fiction at the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival. In addition, I developed the curriculum for the nationally-recognized Connecticut Film Industry Training Program, and was its Assistant Director from 2008 to 2012…(Read more here).


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