Why I Quit Working For A Hollywood Director by Adam William Ward

Film Courage: What keeps you here now?

Adam William Ward, Actor/Director: In Los Angeles? I love the city and have been luck enough when I came here my brother also lived here. Now my whole family lives here. My sister is here (my younger sister) and my parents are in Palm Desert, it’s not far. So family in a way will keep me here no matter what. But I love Los Angeles, it’s such a sprawled out city. There are all of these different pockets of cool things to do or hikes or whatever and the weather is beautiful. I don’t try to promote it. I never try to get more people to move here because so many people move here already.

Film Courage: But a lot of people move back.

Adam: Back home, yes…a lot of people give up and move away. Because of the weather I feel like a lot of people move to Los Angeles.

But I’m in the mecca of moviemaking in the United States. That’s where Los Angeles is so I don’t know what kinds of trials and tribulations you’d have if you were in Atlanta or somewhere else. Maybe there’s enough where you would have enough film people. But here in my phone I have 10 DPs I can call (Directors of Photography) and they own a camera. Here there are so many people that are making films, there are so many people that own cameras, it’s really saturated. To get a project off of the ground, it’s a lot easier.

As to where in Middle America, do you know anyone who owns a Red camera or Arri Alexa or any of these kinds of cameras. It’s probably really hard to find someone who owns one in Nebraska or some place.

Here you’re in a bar, somebody in the bar probably owns a camera. It’s so saturated in that way.

Film Courage: Hopefully they are sober enough to operate it?

Adam: Well…they’re not going on set like that. But when you meet them, it might help.

Film Courage: Right. But do you have a goal list? Do you have a certain amount of things where by this date I want to have these many things completed?…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).




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