8 Elements Of The Nutshell Technique (Story Structure) by Jill Chamberlain

Film Courage: Can you touch on briefly what those 8 elements are [in your book The Nutshell Technique]?

Jill Chamberlain, Script Consultant/Author/Writer: Sure and I’ll remind you also that folks can also download the forms themselves from my website JillChamberlain.com so you can see it for yourself.

But I’ll point out what the elements are. So I do have a few moments in time. By moments in time I’m talking about is the first scene and the last scene. So we can identify in the first scene what a character wants and then we have the next moment what I call ‘The point of no return.’ This is the big event that is going to push us into the main part of the story. It’s the event that makes this movie.

Everything else on here is internal to the character but the point-of-no-return is the one moment that is external to the character. It’s the one thing that has to happen to them.

We were talking about GROUNDHOG DAY right? So the point-of-no-return is the…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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