Finishing A Screenplay And Getting Script Coverage by Andrew Guerrero

Film Courage: Did you read any screenwriting books while you were writing [Andrew’s script for COME INTO YOUR OWN].

Andrew Guerrero, Filmmaker/Actor: Yes, Dialogue by Robert McKee, Story by Robert McKee, Save The Cat [Author Blake Snyder]…pretty much all of them! All of the famous ones because I needed to learn better formatting (stuff like that).

I watched a lot of videos learning how to appropriately write character arcs and develop story arcs and those kinds of things. So yes, I read a lot of different things.

Film Courage: And did you already write the screenplay before you started reading the books?

Andrew: I started because once I went to school I had taken screenwriting classes so I knew how to do it. But the books obviously very much helped tighten everything up, helped solidify what I had already known and give me confidence that Okay I’m on the right path as far as structure is concerned. How am I on the right path as far as character should evolve and develop?

I truly believe in formula and I think these books offer a really solid formula that you can just color-by-number.

I have an idea, I have a story, this character needs to be at this point…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


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